Jaroslav Vnenčák
Stavbárska 20
058 01 Poprad

mob.: 00 421 903 626 049


Jaro Vnenčák

Jaroslav Vnenčák - HELPER WORK

I have always been interested in K-9 training even as a youngster. However, my professional career began after my release from basic military service.

My first event of major importance was the 1996 Slovakian National Qualification Trials. I was a delegate to most of the National Trials through 2008.

Following that I was helper at the Nationals in the Poland and Ukraine CACIT trials. Serving as a helper at the 2007 WUSV World Championship in Bratislava was the keypoint of my career as a helper.

My idea of good helper is one who not only shows the good qualities of a dog, but also reveals the weaknesses. In other words, the helper should be an obstacle that the dog must overcome. I also think it is a mistake to use a helper in trials who does not actively train dogs for competition.