Jaroslav Vnenčák
Stavbárska 20
058 01 Poprad

mob.: 00 421 903 626 049


Jaro Vnenčák

Jaroslav Vnenčák

Jaroslav Vnenčák

With a variety of street dogs I "bothered" my parents since I remember. Got my first no pedigree dog in age 13. It was for me fascinating how dogs can work together with human. In age of 15 I got my first pedigree german shepherd „Orin z Golha“. With this dog I won Slovak Youth Championship in 1990.

My helper cariere started after I got back from military service. First important trial where I did helper work was qualification trial in 1996.

Since than I did helper work on many national and international trials, CACIT trials and the top of my helper carier was World Championship WUSV 2007 in Bratislava.

With my dog Witz Eqidius we compete on many trials and have a lot of successes. In year 2010 we won CACIT trial in Tomášov, than in 2011 we qualified for worldchampionship WUSV and FCI, but because of dog’s health problems, we couldn’t compete. But the same year we were able to compete on Universalsieger 2011 in Austria where we earned 1st place in working dogs.

Year 2012 was for us very successful, we qualified for FCI and WUSV and competing on both events brought us 6th place on FCI in Hungary and 2nd place on WUSV in Austria.