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Jaro Vnenčák


Will to work for it’s handler, good drives strong nerves, react quickly at the right moment. That is what you would expect from a professional working dog. But where do you find the dog that is perfect for you? And which training is necessary for dogs and trainers to be able to form a perfect team?

Check out PRODOX K9 and discover how our knowledge and experience will contribute to the purchase of a dog that you can count on for 100%. We will help you to find dog what will fit all your needs.

We are focused on to stay in touch with our clients and interest of our aducation. We care how the dogs perform in their new owners and that way we are and this way we improve our services which takes us to succeds with our clients.

We run our business since 1998 and have many satisfied clients. See our references.

We will help you to find right dog for any purpose.

PRODOX K9 has a wide assortment of working dogs. Featured are dogs with special qualities. For example:

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All PRODOX K9s are trained to function in normal social situations.

If you want to purchase dog or have any kind of questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to talk to you.